Does brand matter?

June 14, 2024
By Insurindex Editor

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In the past, carriers and brokers relied heavily on charismatic and strong personalities as leaders – but the world has changed and such leaders, especially in the London Market, have been retiring from the stage often being replaced by younger internal appointees. Without a leader at the helm whose market personality and charisma are front and central to an organisation’s identity and success, organisations are having to increasingly rely on a compelling brand to compete and succeed.

Attracting the right talent by developing and promoting a strong employer brand is crucial for the future focus of the insurance industry. But what attracts talent to an organisation? There is much discussed about how Gen Z consider prospective employers and how this differs from the older generations. However, interestingly, recent research by Gracechurch challenges this view .

The research shows that there is considerable commonality across all generations as to what both attracts them to, and repels them from, prospective employers.

So, what does the Gracechurch data tell us about the top key attractants?

Apart from pay/ remuneration (unsurprisingly very high), these top attractants are primarily around brand. People want to work for Brands. And to be successful going forward, companies need an Employer Brand that attracts the highest calibre of diverse talent, be it graduates or seasoned professionals.

The organisations with the best employer brands understand what good looks like and what appeals to not only the top, but more importantly, the right talent. These organisations have a compelling and visible employee value proposition (EVP) to support that brand – an EVP that will be absolutely true to the beliefs, behaviours and offerings of that organisation.

Are you one of these organisations?

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