London Market brand index 2022

This index ranks the leading London Market insurance brands in 2022 according to Gracechurch, based on a combined measure of Market Share, Brand Strength and Distinctiveness.

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The London Market is the largest specialty insurance hub in the world, controlling $70bn+ of insurance business and defined by its Lloyd’s heritage and expert insurance ecosystem.

These brands represent the true leaders in the London Market and their trusted reputations and sheer commercial power mean that they are the businesses who others follow.

Nothing stands still in such a competitive marketplace and just beyond this leading group are a number of highly ambitious insurers who are planning to build their brands, oust incumbents and take their place in the top group.

The Index is updated annually and the leading brands of 2023 will be published in February 2023, so watch this space.

Index powered by Gracechurch independent Reports based on over 20,000 data points annually

Brand performance measured by market share and reputation

Detailed background on all key brands as key resource for clients and brokers

Refreshed annually to highlight the shifting fortunes of the leading brands

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