The measures


Brand leadership is determined based on three key brand metrics:

  • Familiarity
  • Share
  • Distinctiveness



Individuals and organisations are ranked according to the number of mentions within a particular business class/specialisation, based on the extent to which they are nominated as market leaders. A preferential scoring system is applied depending on whether an individual is mentioned first, second or third.

A vital aspect of ensuring the highest quality people data is to obtain validation from the businesses who employ the individuals. Gracechurch achieves senior management validation in over 75% of the underwriting and claims lists.



Service performance is measured via surveys that evaluate service perception, based on the end user experience (as opposed to indirect metrics such as published complaints data). 

One of the consistent measures used in the Gracechurch surveys is Net Promoter Score™, this is linked to other more specific service attributes that gives further information on detailed aspects of the service quality.