Uncovering the service secrets of the North West

May 14, 2024
By Insurindex Editor

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Insurer service in the UK market is highly variable across regions. Some brokers are more satisfied than others.

Gracechurch’s independent data shows that brokers in the North West are the most likely to feel they’re getting high-quality service from their insurers. If you’re wondering why so many brokers at BIBA Conference have smiles on their faces, wonder no more: they are probably just enjoying being in the promised land of insurer service.

Those based in the Yorkshire & Northern region are the only other group who give their insurers a positive NPS; elsewhere, NPS is negative:



So, what are insurers doing so right in the North West? Here are three initial theories…

  1. Investing in plenty of offices. Major players like Aviva, AXA, Allianz, Zurich, QBE and others have invested heavily in Manchester as a hub for broker service. As a result, brokers based here have more opportunity than most to meet their insurers and voice their concerns face-to-face. Does physical proximity to insurers’ offices increase broker satisfaction? Keep following Gracechurch’s updates to learn the answer in an upcoming new analysis later this year…
  2. High quality, collaborative underwriting. Brokers based in the North West are more likely than those elsewhere to highlight certain strengths of the insurers they deal with: high-quality underwriters, competitive premiums, efficient service and a willingness to collaborate. These are all crucial elements of a strong insurer offering. These qualities imply that brokers here are relatively pleased with the access they get to underwriters – which, again, might be linked to the large number of offices in Manchester.
  3. Tailoring the approach to individual claims. When we drill down into what delights brokers, they recall instances where insurers have gone above and beyond for them. This is especially true in the North West, where brokers tell us they’re highly likely to have had their insurer provide very bespoke cover at a reasonable premium. Settling claims quickly is also a hallmark of service in the region; top performers there have a real command of the detail that pleases brokers who encounter it.

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