Who and why


The Insurindex team curates and showcases robust and empirical evidence on the leading brands operating in the commercial insurance sector. Our team analyses the evidence to educate and explain why and how brands are developing; defining the critical success factors that apply in each segment, and highlighting best practice.

Insurindex is supported by an advisory group of insurance and brand experts who are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields. The group is deliberately mixed to provide wider, more objective and challenging viewpoints, unconstrained by being in the ‘insurance bubble’.

We have an editorial team made up of leading insurance journalists and content developers, who bring the evidence to life in an engaging and accessible way. We partner with organisations who enhance the Insurindex proposition.


The insurance industry has largely been a self-referencing bubble with ‘me-too’, untargeted marketing, and dire communications.

Our mission is to help insurance businesses adapt to a modern world where brand matters and modern marketing is the key to fuelling growth. Over time, collective improvement will help the sector become more valued, trusted and successful.

Insurindex 360 provides a range of state-of-the-art marketing tools and advice. These include (digital) data diagnostic tools that help business to measure current performance, and advice on the strategies and tactics that will help them to become leading brands.


Insurindex is the place where insurance businesses objectively showcase their brands, activities and innovative thinking.

Insurindex ranks the leading commercial insurance sector entities based on a range of professionally curated and validated evidence sources including surveys, social media and financial analysis.

Our data sources

  • The Gracechurch independent brand & service monitors and people surveys (‘Powered by Gracechurch’)
  • Share and financial analytics from leading financial data providers
  • Social media analysis in collaboration with Brandex
  • Specialist published consulting reports, where provenance has been established
  • Other published data sources e.g. from recognised trade associations where provenance has been established

Quality assured

Insurindex curates all data so that it is objective, high quality, and can be trusted by our partners.

All Gracechurch data shown on Insurindex are independent and conducted according to UK Market Research Society professional guidelines and quality standards.

All other data sources are validated and quality-assured by the independent analytics teams at Gracechurch and Brandex.

Some data sources will receive validation from other third parties – this will be assessed and approved and the validation methodology will be indicated in the source information.

Meet the team
Bill Gilbert
Business Development Director

Bill is Business Development Director at Insurindex.

An internationally experienced executive with a proven track record of success in the financial services over several decades, Bill has held senior leadership positions in multiple companies in the insurance sector.

David Melvin
Consulting Director

David is Consulting Director at Insurindex.

With a global track record of strategic transformation and technology innovation within the Financial Services sector, David has played pivotal roles both as part of senior leadership teams and as a consultant, operating across the UK, US and Middle East.