Service Quality Marque Achievers 2024

Running in its 8th year, the Gracechurch Service Quality Marque is awarded annually to UK and London Market insurers based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) achieved by each insurer over the previous year, combined with how they rate Communications and Commerciality.

According to Gracechurch evidence, SQM achievers consistently deliver great service experiences at least 75% of the time and rate highly on being customer focused. This means that brokers can confidently recommend these insurers to clients.

London Market Claims

Congratulations to the ten Insurers who achieve the London Market Claims SQM in 2024. Claims service across the London Market has improved this year: service in London is rated higher now than at any time over the past 10 years. We are pleased to see plenty of outstanding service, with Insurers providing brokers and Insureds with the responsiveness, communication and claims knowledge they need.
AEGIS London's strong upwards trajectory has continued in 2023: Aegis is now firmly established as one of the Market leaders in providing a consistently excellent claims service. Brokers single out the team's outstanding communication skills for strong praise.
Beazley's claims service has improved significantly throughout 2023 and the Market is in no doubt as to its service quality. All types of brokers rate Beazley's claims offering highly, no matter whether they have single or multiple interactions. The quality service it offers for brokers and clients is translating into a strong Market reputation. Beazley achieves the SQM for the eighth year in a row.
This year, Chaucer consolidated and built upon its position as a claims service Market leader. Its communication, speed and expertise are unrivalled. Brokers know that when they come to Chaucer, they'll get outstanding technical knowledge combined with timely service.
Chubb has consistently improved its service quality year-on-year and maintained this continuous improvement more so than any Insurer in the London Market. It continues to focus on essential granular and methodical improvement to service that belies its size. Brokers praise the combination of responsiveness and deep knowledge that Chubb brings to the table.
Although Convex can still be described as a relative newcomer and has been growing incredibly fast, its claims service is consistently rated as outstanding by brokers. Testament to this is that Convex receives the lowest proportion of ‘NPS Detractors’ in the Market, meaning that very few brokers or customers have disappointing experiences, totally supporting Convex’s belief that people matter most when it comes to great service.
HDI Global continues to reinforce its high quality claims service; it's now one of the Market leaders and is zeroing-in on the areas that can improve broker and customer experiences even further. Brokers especially appreciate HDI Global's excellent communication and accessibility. It achieves the SQM for the first time this year.
LSM's size does not reduce its ability to communicate effectively and for giving brokers the personal touch when it’s needed. LSM’s highly knowledgeable staff, team depth and communication stand out to brokers, who know that the service they receive will always be technically astute and delivered in a way that makes it easy for them and their end clients.
Markel's claims service is a key focus for the business and it continues to go from strength-to-strength; brokers now consider it one of the best in the Market. Timely responses and expert claims personnel underpin Markel's offering. It is recognised with the SQM for the first time in 2024.
MS Amlin achieves the SQM for the first time in 2024 having seen a step-change in service quality. It is building an enviable reputation for efficient claims handling, helpfulness, and reliability: in short, MS Amlin’s team is doing an outstanding job of providing brokers with high-quality service delivered with a personal touch.
TMK continues to provide a first-rate ‘people-centric’ claims service to brokers in the London Market. The consistently strong feedback it garners demonstrates that the TMK team excels at tailoring its support to clients of all shapes and sizes, something that only a dedicated and passionately committed team can do. TMK achieves the SQM for the eighth year in a row.

UK Market Claims

Congratulations to the three Insurers who receive the UK Market Claims SQM in 2024. Despite the ongoing challenges in the UK regional market, three carriers have demonstrated consistently excellent service to retain the SQMs they were awarded in 2022 and 2023.

We hope to see even more Insurers build on this year’s performance to achieve the SQM in 2025.

Allianz has built on its long track record and attained the SQM yet again in 2024: brokers are now more positive about its claims service than at any point in the last 5 years, a fantastic achievement for such a large and diverse business. The insurer combines this level of service with its outstanding global reach, broker familiarity, highly regarded ‘Claims Hub’ and a strong overall market reputation.
Chubb's combination of timely communication and expert technical knowledge is highly valued in the UK Market. Communication is more important than ever in making brokers feel they're getting the service they need and delivering strong customer experience and Chubb is always on point for this: Chubb couldn't be better placed for delivering even better service going into 2024.
It is no mean feat to stay at the top of a UK Insurance market which is becoming more competitive around service quality, but Ecclesiastical has achieved it again in 2024 - for the third year in a row - with its blend of high-class, attentive service and knowledgeable team. Ecclesiastical is not the biggest brand but the good news about its service quality is spreading far-and-wide: the Market increasingly recognises and values Ecclesiastical's service quality and its' reputation is building…so watch out competitors!