What makes a good Marine underwriter?

September 13, 2023
By Insurindex Editor

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Further analysis of our London’s Leading Underwriters report and London Insurers Monitor 2023 reinforces the London Market as having a wide variety of high-quality Marine underwriters who serve a broad range of clients.  

But what exactly sets the very top professionals apart from the rest? According to fellow professionals, both underwriters and brokers in the London Market, it is a combination of soft and hard skills.  

Knowledge. In a business line as technically challenging as Marine, elite underwriters are those who’ve built a comprehensive understanding of the industry and how it works over many years of experience. Individuals stand out when they have “years of knowledge” or demonstrate real depth of technical expertise or a vast “understanding of risks and locations”.  

Relationships. Colleagues and brokers love Marine underwriters who’ll work with them and their clients, at their pace, offering a personal service. The best practitioners are those who prioritise relationships: “personable with clients and brokers alike”, they’re able and willing to “allow time for remediation”.   

Appetite for risk. Brokers and colleagues also rate underwriters with a high risk appetite who are solutions-oriented. A “willingness to offer a solution on more complex risks” sets apart the best, who also tend to “consider most types of vessel” and be “willing to price on most new business”.  

Understanding and insight. Clients are always looking for Marine underwriters who leverage their knowledge and expertise to stay one step ahead of the Market. This can describe those who “consistently made money when the rest of the market struggled” or those who have a “great understanding of risks” 

To access the full 2023 London’s Leading Underwriters Report, click here. 

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