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On this partner hub page you'll find all things BIBA-related. The page will feature the latest BIBA-related insights and news, including the latest trends from the Gracechurch-BIBA UK Insurers Monitor. Insurindex also interrelates BIBA into the rest of the industry's story so that you can see where it fits with the bigger sector picture.
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The UK Insurers Monitor is an independent survey of UK broker opinion. The study was launched in partnership with BIBA in 2022 and the trends are shared with brokers who take part, BIBA itself through the Advisory Boards and the insurers through detailed reports on their own performance. The study reports every six months covering:
  • Key service trends
  • Broker key challenges
  • Hot topics such as e-trading and Consumer Duty
  • The leading insurance people and teams currently being recommended by brokers
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